Identify your most fertile days to know when you are most likely to get pregnant

The first ovulation test utilizing the smartphone on the market: a real companion on the trying to conceive journey

The PHRONESIA Smart Ovulation Test is revolutionizing its market: its uniqueness lies in the combination of an algorithm embedded in a mobile application, a patented reader and proprietary PHRONESIA urine strips. The solution makes it possible to accurately predict the ovulation peak during the female cycle: no more tedious calculation!
It accurately determines the most fertile days and therefore the most favourable days for conception.

A unique solution that transforms in one click the smartphone into a modern fertility monitor allowing to:

  • Read the test result with the pinpoint accuracy and immediately translate it into a fertility level ;
  • Monitor the results, month after month, cycle after cycle, and let the user know when it’s time to test again ;
  • Calculate, thanks to the algorithm embedded in the application, the ideal moment for conception.
  • Result in 5 to 10 min

  • Starter kit: 5 Tests + 1 Smart Reader

  • Refill: 10 Tests

The first ovulation test
utilizing the smartphone worldwide

The smartphone becomes smart

  • No more guessing – the patented smart scanner, together with PHRONESIA Fertility App, allows your phone camera to read the ovulation test data accurately.

  • No additional devices with often unreliable connections required.
  • No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection required
  • Results are instantly interpreted and conveniently stored in the phone

The smartphone allows to track it and forget it

  • No more tedious recordkeeping and tedious calculation – the algorithm in the PHRONESIA Fertility track and learn your unique cycles to advice on the best moment to conceive.

  • User gets automatic alerts when ovulating: the App let the user know when it’s time to test again.

The App identifies the ovulation peak

  • The App ensures the user is aware when it’s time to get intimate

  • The peak fertility window appears in the app calendar

  • The user can share the good news with her partner when the timing is right through notifications

Comparison with other traditional fertility monitoring methods

PHRONESIA Smart Ovulation Test helps identify the best moment to conceive a child

A free App available on App Store and Google Play

The PHRONESIA Fertility App is the daily fertility monitoring tool. The creation of the user account is instantaneous and only a few introductory questions make it possible to calibrate the algorithm embedded in the App.

An easy adjustment to the user’s day

The PHRONESIA Smart Ovulation Test is available as a starter kit (5 strips + smart reader) or a refill pack (10 strips). The PHRONESIA Fertility App notifies the user when it is time to test again.

As for a traditional test, the user takes the strip out of its packaging, pop-off the cap, and place the absorbent tip into the urine stream for 5-seconds. A few minutes later results are ready to be read.

The smartphone and the patented reader become the ideal fertility monitoring tool

The patented reader takes the guesswork out of knowing whether or there is a fertility peak.

The solution is very simple to use: simply snap the test strip into the smart scanner and line up the result window as directed by the App. The phone camera will get the pertinent data and update the user within seconds.

Fertility status in a flash, on the smartphone

After reading the strip, the PHRONESIA Fertility App will immediately update the user on her fertility status. The result is automatically recorded by the app.

The embedded algorithm gets to work on pinpointing the upcoming fertile window. The calendar allows the user to view all her data from the past cycles and to be informed on the next fertility peak prediction.

The ideal solution to help in conceiving a child

When a high or peak fertility result is found, it means that the App has found the optimal time for conception. The user can choose to share her status with her partner through the App.

To get the best results, it is recommended to try to conceive for a minimum of five days from the beginning of the LH peak.

An adaptation at each cycle

Based on a few introductory questions when creating the account, as well as the history of past test results, the PHRONESIA Fertility App predicts the key dates of each cycle (fertility peak, period start, etc.) and thus maximizes the chances of pregnancy. It is recommended to use the PHRONESIA Smar smart ovulation test over several cycles so that the algorithm adapts perfectly to the user’s cycle, and therefore determines the peak of fertility very precisely.

The embedded algorithm calculates when and how often to test and notifies the user. The management of the ovulation cycle becomes easy and the chances of pregnancy are optimized.

Would you like to learn how to use the PHRONESIA Smart Ovulation Test in more detail?
Download our user manual and find out how to integrate this test into your daily life.

Notice user

FAQ – Smart Ovulation Test

No. You can stop testing when you detect the start of the LH surge and save the remaining tests to use during the next cycle if needed.
The accuracy of the PHRONESIA Smart Ovulation Test for detecting the arrival of the LH peak has been proven to be over 99% in laboratory studies. The PHRONESIA Smart Ovulation Test has a sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml.
The number of tests contained in a PHRONESIA Smart Ovulation Test pack is sufficient to allow most women with regular cycles to detect the rise in LH levels. For some women, there is no ovulation at each cycle and therefore the LH surge will not be detected during these cycles. If you are concerned about the results, please contact your doctor.
Some medical conditions can negatively affect the reliability of the test. These include pregnancy, postpartum, post-abortion, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), ovarian cysts, early menopause, and untreated hypothyroidism. This can also happen if you are taking fertility drugs containing luteinizing hormone or human chorionic gonadotropin. If you are on clomiphene citrate treatment, please consult your doctor about the best time to start testing. Women with medically diagnosed fertility issues are recommended to consult their physician before using this product.
After using oral contraceptives, your cycle may become irregular and take some time to stabilize again. It is best to wait until you have had two normal periods before starting to use this product. Please follow your doctor’s advice on when to try to get pregnant.
No. Because sperm can survive for several days, you can still get pregnant if you have sex before the LH surge is detected.
Conception is a complex biological process and there are many influencing factors. It can take several months before you get pregnant. If your pregnancy has not occurred after 6 consecutive cycles or if you have any other concerns, please consult your doctor.
The PHRONESIA Fertility App, associated with the smart reader, is reading the result of each of your tests. There is therefore no longer any guesswork about the result of each test. And all the results are stored in the history for immediate access.
The PHRONESIA Fertility App is totally free, and all of its features are accessible free of charge.

The test itself is an ovulation test based on “lateral flow” technology. It is accompanied by a smartphone reader and a mobile application, PHRONESIA Fertility. Create your account by answering a few preliminary questions and let yourself be guided. If you have any questions, please refer to the user guide available here.

The plug is simple: just download the PHRONESIA Fertility App, available on Apple Store and Google Play and create your account. The smart reader, provided in the Starter Kit, will allow you with a simple “clips” to fix the strip of the test to your smartphone, aligned with the front camera. The application takes care of reading the result of your test and displaying it to you instantly.
Refer to the user manual, available here, consult our video guide here, or let yourself be guided by the App, downloadable here.

When an account is created, we collect three types of data.

First, we collect the following personal information, which we use to build your user profile and run the algorithm to predict your fertility peaks and period date

  • Your email address
  • Your year of birth
  • Your height and weight
  • The date since you have been trying to conceive a child
  • The average length of your period and cycle
  • The days of your period and your type of menstrual flow
  • Some additional information: frequency of sexual intercourse, body temperature, mood.

We also collect the following information about your smartphone to ensure that the display of the application is adapted to it: language and region, version of the operating system, version of the application, model of the smartphone.

Finally, we collect the time spent on each feature of the App in order to better understand the features of interest or not for users, and to improve the application.

Your personal data stays within the EU in full compliance with RGPD. Data related to the type of smartphone and duration of use of the App are also in Europe in full compliance with RGPD and are shared with our partner in Taiwan who co-developed the product (iXensor).  INNOVA MEDICAL GROUP has put in place appropriate safeguards with iXensor to ensure the security of the data sent to Taiwan, including Standard Contractual Clauses and specifying the security measures that iXensor must have in place. You may request further details regarding the security measures by contacting our Data Protection Officer (see contact details below).

Aggregate data on the total number of users, locations etc. may be shared with other INNOVA MEDICAL GROUP subsidiaries and entities in other countries.

The legal basis for using all the data above is consent.  

Your data will be kept until:

  • You were using the functionality of the app to delete the data, or
  • You haven’t used the app for 12 months and haven’t responded to our account deletion notification emails near that date.

In both cases, your data will be completely deleted and will no longer be accessible to us or to you.

You have the following rights:

  • The right to information – in particular via this FAQ, but you can also contact us at dpo@innovamedgroup.com for more information
  • The right of access – to receive a copy of the information we hold about you
  • The right to rectification – to correct any incorrect information 
  • The right to erasure – to ask us to erase your information, although you can also use the app’s data deletion feature
  • The right to restriction of processing – you can ask us to restrict data processing in one way or another
  • The right to object – you can ask us to stop processing data
  • The right to data portability – you can request your data in a machine-readable format. However, this right may be limited
  • The right to avoid automated decision-making – although this right exists in theory, it does not apply in this case because there is no automated decision-making

The legal basis for using all of the above data is your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time and use the app’s delete functionality. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, you can contact us at: dpo@innovamedgroup.com

Yes, you just need to access your personal PHRONESIA Fertility account to find all the history of your data.

No, this type of device is not reimbursed by health insurance.

The test itself does not differ from a conventional test. It is the support offered by the mobile app plus the smart scanner that makes it possible to transform a smartphone into a real fertility monitor: reading of results, analysis of the history of results adapted to each cycle of the user, prediction of the next fertility peak … No more tedious calculations and misinterpretations of the result: your smartphone takes care of everything!

For any additional information, please consult the user manual, available here, consult our video guide here, or let yourself be guided by the application, downloadable here

To know more about our privacy policy

What is luteinizing hormone (LH) and how can it help conceive?

Optimal adaptation to each cycle

The application’s algorithm adapts to each user’s cycle, even in case of irregular cycles. Through some data that are requested as well as the history of test results, the application identifies the personal cycle of each user, thus maximizing the chances of pregnancy. We recommend using the test over several cycles, so that the algorithm can accurately refine the fertility window. The algorithm calculates when and how often the user should test, and then reminds her when to test. Thus, the PHRONESIA connected ovulation test is the real companion of the couple wishing to conceive a child in optimal conditions !

Soon available, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.